Your Candidate in Newry & Armagh is: Jackie Coade

Jackie Coade

Jackie graduated from St Mary’s University College, Belfast, with a degree in Education with English, specialising in special educational needs and early years teaching.


A regular walker around the constituency’s parks with her dog, Jackie enjoys spending time in Loughgall and Palace Demesne in particular.


A frequent attendee at local theatre events, Jackie is a lover of the arts and theatre, while also recently re-igniting her passion for the Irish language.


Jackie is an avid supporter of the Irish Rugby team and Armagh GAA sides.

Rural health care


We have excellent health services in the Newry and Armagh areas. I firmly believe in the reconfiguration of services for the betterment of the Health & Social Care Service, while protecting stroke services and breast cancer care in Craigavon Area Hospital.




I have worked tirelessly within my community whilst continuing to work in my role as a primary school teacher. I am passionate about education – no child should be left behind, so I will continue to help ensure they all get the education they deserve.




I will continue to work towards improving infrastructure, namely Newry’s and Armagh’s rail links.