It would be playing with people's lives and livelihoods to delay Executive any further, says Bradshaw

Health Paula Bradshaw Executive

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said the Health Minister’s statement on the transformation and reconfiguration of health and social care has clarified any further delay in restoring the Executive will cost lives.

The South Belfast MLA stated: “It is well known our health and social care system simply no longer functions in some areas, with waiting lists now so long that some services are effectively no longer provided.

“We heard only yesterday just how vital the cancer strategy is to identifying cancer early and treating it effectively, thus saving lives – without being able to implement that strategy, it is simply the case people’s very survival chances will be limited.

“We have further clarity around the stakes of health transformation and reconfiguration from the Minister today. To proceed with work restoring and improving services and thus saving lives and improving quality of life, we need a budget and we need agreement on how to revise the hospital estate. Those are overarching issues which require an Executive.

“Let us be clear, they require an Executive right now. Not in six months, not in three years, but right now. Without one, the health system will further crumble and, be in no doubt, lives will be lost and shortened which would not otherwise have been, people will be left in pain who would not otherwise be left in pain, and people will be unable to work who would otherwise be able to work. Nobody who seriously cares about the people of Northern Ireland should be in any doubt about what the stakes are here.”