Improvements needed to make active travel more viable and attractive, says McAllister

Nuala McAllister Infrastructure

Improvements are needed to make active travel solutions more viable and attractive to people here, Alliance North Belfast Assembly candidate Nuala McAllister has said.

Councillor McAllister said years of under-investment had helped create a car-dependent society in Northern Ireland, which meant a significant increase in the levels of walking and cycling was needed.

It comes ahead of Alliance outlining proposals for Infrastructure in its upcoming manifesto. They include an independent Infrastructure Commission, an all-Ireland rail network, a Sustainable Travel Commissioner and a pilot scheme of one week’s free bus and rail travel to encourage people to migrate from private car usage.

“Years of chronic under-investment in infrastructure and active travel have helped create a car-dependent society here,” said Councillor McAllister.

“We need clean, accessible transport and travel which works for everyone in our community. As well as drastically reducing emissions, investment and improved infrastructure would reduce social exclusion, break down the transport divide and create equal opportunities.

“That’s why Alliance is calling for a number of measures in our upcoming manifesto, including the creation of more cycle lanes and greenways, which would enable greater numbers of people to take journeys by foot or bike. That is the norm we should expect in an active and climate aware society.”