General Election chance for people to elect strong and positive leaders, says Long as Alliance launches candidates 

The General Election is a chance for people to elect strong, positive leadership for change in our society, Alliance Leader Naomi Long has said.

She was speaking as the party formally launched its candidates for the General Election. Alliance is running across all 18 constituencies in Northern Ireland.

“Alliance has been fighting this campaign on a platform of positivity and progress, showcasing our responsible leadership and ability to take big decisions. Our General Election candidates are proof of that, bringing a wealth of experience, talent and diversity,” said Mrs Long.

“Throughout the campaign, and long before it started, we have been discussing with people the issues that matter to them. Whether it's healthcare, education, childcare, tackling the cost of living and doing business, combating climate change, safer and more inclusive communities or better public transport, Alliance is leading change on all of them.

“We’ve also been talking about issues which Alliance MPs can tackle in Westminster, such as securing a fair financial package for Northern Ireland, so we can invest in public services and our future, and also for reform of the political institutions, to ensure one party cannot collapse things again. Sustainable finances plus stable politics equals a brighter future for everyone.

“July 4th is an opportunity for people to deliver positive leadership in Northern Ireland. This election is not only a chance to remove a destructive Conservative government but also to hold to account those local politicians who backed some of their most regressive policies.  

“If enough people in every constituency vote Alliance, these candidates will become their MPs. That support for them plus Alliance’s commitment equals more positive, progressive representatives leading change at Westminster.”