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Finlay: Irish language again used as political football

Alliance Councillor Glenn Finlay has said he is “disappointed” the Irish language is again being used as a political football, after a sign on premises in the Ashdale area of Randalstown caused strongly divided views.

He said: "I am saddened by this controversy in Randalstown. We must be able to support our shared heritage and as a supporter of multi-lingual street signage I find no offence in this sign as it is a simple translation of the area. Certainly, in comparison to the multitude of paramilitary flags that are very visual in our borough at present I find it hard to correlate this sign with threatening behaviour as some are attempting to do.

“Let me be clear, Ashdale is not a ‘Nationalist only area’, nor has any part of my town a monopoly on people’s political or cultural beliefs. There will be times when the Council does need to take enforcement action, and I understand that 80 other enforcement letters have been issued so far this year. But in doing so, the Council must be acting and be seen to be acting in an even-handed and consistent manner."