Figures for women still travelling to GB for healthcare nothing short of an outrage, says Bradshaw

abortion Paula Bradshaw

Paula Bradshaw MLA has warned latest figures showing the number of women travelling to England or Wales for reproductive healthcare are an outrage, demonstrating the cost of political failure.

A total of 161 women travelled from Northern Ireland to GB for the services in 2021.

“Alliance has a conscience issue on abortion. But whatever your individual position on this subject, the law is the law and the fact is it is not being implemented means women continue to face an arduous journey in circumstances when they are at their most vulnerable, to access advice and healthcare to which they are fundamentally entitled here in Northern Ireland,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“This is yet another example of where a lack of political courage and empathy results in everything other than patients being put first and foremost. It shows again what happens when too many people put technicalities and excuses in the way of doing what is right for patients.

“It is long past time those accessing healthcare – not least those requiring reproductive services – were properly prioritised and the required services provided. For these journeys still to be going on is nothing short of outrageous.”