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Ferguson shocked after man arrested on suspicion of child abduction

Alliance Faughan Councillor Rachael Ferguson has said she is shocked after a man was arrested on suspicion of child abduction in Strathfoyle.

Police arrested the man after he was reported acting suspiciously towards children at The Old Fort in the village around 4.35pm today (Friday). A number of residents kept the man at the scene until officers arrived a short time later. He remains in custody at Strand Road PSNI station.

Councillor Ferguson, who lives in Strathfoyle, said the local community is shocked and angry.

“This is a village where families have lived for many generations, with everyone knowing everyone else, and where the local community groups work hard to ensure it is a safe village for all. Therefore this has come as a massive shock and left everyone here feeling angry.

“As a mother of young children who play locally as well, I can’t even begin to imagine the fear parents in Strathfoyle are feeling tonight.

“I am glad police arrested the suspect but I urge anyone who may have noticed anything suspicious or who has any other information on this incident to give it to PSNI immediately.”