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Farry condemns “disgraceful and unjustified behaviour” in Derry

Alliance Deputy Leader Stephen Farry MLA has condemned the “disgraceful and unjustified behaviour” of those who targeted PSNI officers in Derry~Londonderry with petrol bombs and missiles.

The incident took place close to the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall on Saturday.

Dr Farry additionally urged Unionist representatives to show leadership and recognise the provocative nature of a band marching with Parachute Regiment insignia in Derry.

He added: “This was disgraceful and unjustified behaviour and must be condemned by all.  While some might try to provide an explanation there is none, especially not the idiotic and provocative actions by a band who opted to wear para insignia in an area where many would be hurt by the action.

“It is further disappointing that no Unionist elected representative can see this move for what it is – an irresponsible, idiotic and provocative move, especially given the City’s history. Good work has been done to facilitate parades over recent years and we cannot allow the actions of some to put this in jeopardy.

“Given the difficulties of the past week, taking to social media to criticise what have been significant public order challenges for the PSNI – dealing with irresponsible idiots from both sides of the community – is not the best way forward and it is worth remembering that all questions can be explored rationally over coming weeks via the policing board.”