Alliance is an environmentalist party. We believe that climate change is happening, that humanity is responsible but also that we have the capacity to address this very serious danger. We support a sustainable Northern Ireland, as part of a sustainable world. Alliance has been a consistent and vocal advocate for the environment. Importantly, we know that failing to tackle climate change will hurt our economy. The Stern report proved that waiting before tackling climate change could cost us 20 times the cost of doing it now. Alliance supports tackling climate change and protecting the environment by:

  • A Green New Deal to stimulate investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency; helping to tackle climate change and creating thousands of jobs in hi-tech industries. 
  • Investing in renewable energy rather than fracking.
  • Creating a public-sector wide Sustainable Development Strategy so that the environment is at the heart of our government.
  • Supporting global efforts to protect the environment.
  • Legislating for a target to reduce our emission by 80% by 2050.
  • Creating an independent Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Simplifying flood prevention measures.
  • Protecting our natural landscape by setting higher targets for woodland creation, supporting endangered animals such as the Irish Hare.
  • Re-balancing transport investment away from roads and into public services.