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Douglas welcomes vote for Bangor Central PS to become integrated

Alliance Councillor Karen Douglas has welcomed news that parents from Bangor Central Nursery School have voted resoundingly to move towards the nursery school becoming integrated.


The news was announced this week after the Principal and Board took the step of balloting parents due to interest in integration amongst the school community. The parents voted by 97 percent to transform the nursery school to Integrated Status.

Karen said: "It's fantastic to see a local school take the first step in seeking to transition to integrated status. Bangor Central Nursery School has been a key provider of pre-school education in the town for the past 77 years. When the process is concluded it will make Bangor Central Nursery the first stand-alone integrated nursery school in Northern Ireland. 

“The ethos of an integrated school celebrates individual identity and respect for others' cultural, religious and diverse backgrounds. Schooling our children together where they learn, play and grow together helps promote a shared society.

"There should be many more Integrated Schools across Northern Ireland. The only reason there are not is because successive Ministers did not replicate parents’ wishes by helping to promote integration. I wish Bangor Central Nursery School and the school community well as they embark on this journey of transformation, and hope this move will further the conversation locally about the kind of society our children deserve.

“Other parents around NI who are inspired to move to integrated status can express their support for their own school to become officially integrated on the ‘Integrate My School’ website (www.integratemyschool.com).”