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Donnelly calls on those behind misuse of fireworks to stop

Alliance Councillor Stephen Donnelly has called on those behind the dangerous misuse of fireworks in Omagh to stop before anyone is seriously injured.

Councillor Donnelly said there had been reports of incidents around the Oasis Plaza area of the town, with people having been targeted by fireworks.

“As we approach the Halloween period, we want the town and the wider district to be a safe place for young people and their families to enjoy the forthcoming festivities,” he said.

“However, this behaviour is hugely dangerous and I would urge the young people who have been responsible to stop, and to take greater care for the safety and wellbeing of people in their own community.

“We do not want a tragic situation arising where as a result of illegal misuse someone ends up seriously injured in hospital. On Halloween, people in Omagh will be able to enjoy a safe, fun, legally organised firework and pyrotechnic display, which will be launched from the roof of the Strule Arts Centre.

“Let us enjoy the holiday without the violent anti-social behaviour that can only lead to injuries and criminal records.”