Keeping the Surge going - A Plan for Digital Transformation of the Alliance Party

Thank you for thinking about donating to this campaign. By pledging your support for the Party's digital transformation, you will play a vital role in preparing us for the next round of elections, and ensure the party has a competitive edge when it comes to digital organising. You can donate as a one-time payment, or as a regular monthly donation. Regular donations are particularly welcomed and can make donations more manageable for members. 

Every penny you donate will be used to directly fund the following:


Connect subscription

£10,000 annually

Nationbuilder subscription

£1,900 annually

Talent LMS subscription

£2,300 annually

Design of training materials

£1,000 (one-off cost)

Social media advertising         

£2,500 annually

Website changes

£600 (one-off cost)

Total fundraising target:


You can read the full Digital Transformation plan here, which explains the importance of each of these costs and how we'll use them to win more seats for Alliance. And in this letter, our Party Leader Naomi Long explains the importance of investing in the Party's digital growth now.

We really appreciate everything you do to support the Alliance Party, and hope you will support this campaign. 

£18,110.50 raised
GOAL: £35,000.00

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