Your Candidate in East Antrim is: Danny Donnelly

Danny Donnelly

Danny works as a staff nurse in a health service hospital. He is an advocate of promoting teaching of first aid skills to people, wanting everyone to have the knowledge and ability to help in an emergency.


As a Councillor in Mid and East Antrim, Danny works hard for everyone in Larne Lough and is keen to grow the local economy while protecting the environment.


A strong proponent of integrated education, Danny is a supporter of the Integrate My School campaign, which encourages parents to work together to transform their children’s school.


A campaigner for transparency in politics, Danny wants people to have confidence their elected representatives are working in the best interests of everyone in the area rather than a narrow political agenda. 


Danny believes in equality and opposes all forms of discrimination because of religion, gender, perceived political opinion, sexuality or any other factor. He believes diversity is a strength to be embraced.

Climate Change


We need to do all we can to help the planet and avoid the worst effects of climate change. Danny is a strong supporter of renewable energy, and is keen to help develop our massive potential in wind, wave and solar energy. Danny knows we have a responsibility to look after our planet for future generations.


Equality & Diversity


Danny values equality and diversity, speaking out against the activities of racist groups, while bringing motions to Council to promote equality and encourage inclusivity. He is a strong supporter of the Changing Places campaign to provide more disability access toilets in public spaces and also supporting the Integrate My School campaign to empower parents to transform their children’s school to integrated status.


Town Centre Rejuvenation


Our town centres need rejuvenated. Danny will focus on innovative ways to fund investment, create a cafe culture and ensure shops and businesses can succeed in East Antrim. He will support established businesses, encourage new enterprises and promote schemes to further increase our burgeoning tourism sector, as this is an area where East Antrim has a huge amount to offer.