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Council to pursue a low carbon future

Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown is to push Belfast City Council towards taking a more sustainable approach when it comes to creating a low carbon future.

Speaking ahead of tabling a motion asking officers to explore how the Council's carbon footprint can be reduced, Emmet - currently Belfast's Deputy Lord Mayor - said we all have a part to play on this important issue.

He added: "As a Council there are many small changes we could be making to reduce our emissions, becoming a local leader on how best to reduce our carbon footprint.

"What I want is for the council to look at its carbon emissions and work out how they can reduce it.

"The council provides a range of services and through its activities does have an impact on the environment - I want us to quantity that and then take steps to reduce it.

"If the council is building a leisure centre, refitting a community centre, leasing vehicles, or conducting any part of its daily operations, the council should be considering the environmental impact of this."