Clarification needed on energy support for those paying electric to a landlord, says Armstrong

Patricia O'Lynn rural broadband

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has raised concern those who pay their electric costs directly to a landlord could be left behind when the energy support discount is made.

Although uncertainty surrounds the timing of the proposed £400 payment to electricity bills, the Strangford MLA said when delivered, some people could miss out due to their circumstances.

“The £400 energy support payment is supposed to help every household,” she said.

“The Economy Minister has stated those whose name is on an electric bill will receive the discount. This completely fails to address those households who pay for their electricity bill through their landlord and urgent clarification is needed on this matter.

“It could mean those who live in sheltered accommodation, HMOs, many in apartments and part-homeowners missing out on this vital support. Alliance recently launched our Combatting the Crisis document, outlining a number of steps which could be taken to help people through these difficult times and how the most vulnerable in our society could be protected.

“Included in those proposals are the delivery of the energy support scheme. Had it been progressed through a functioning Assembly, it could have been ensured everyone would benefit. Unfortunately, due to the DUP’s deadlock, that was not the case.”