Your Spokesperson in Mid Ulster is: Claire Hackett

Spokesperson Shot

About Claire

I live just outside Dungannon with my husband and three children. My background is in law and I worked as a Solicitor until 2014. Motherhood changed my perspective; I was no longer prepared to accept things as they are, or hope for change- I wanted to effect change. My introduction was through volunteering with parenting charities and I am a founding Trustee of parenting charity, BirthWise. I have led campaigns, most recently against the maternity restrictions during the pandemic. I believe service users should inform their care and this applies to politics- we need to listen to what people need and not presume to know. My current job is in community development where listening to the community is key. This path has led me to join Alliance because I want a more inclusive society for my children. I want my daughter to have the same opportunities as my sons. I want to #DemandBetter for them.


Claire's priorities for Mid Ulster


1. Health

Access to services in the Mid Ulster area is a challenge. Mental health services including for new parents.

2. Rural Needs

Rural communities have particular needs that can often be overlooked. Marginalised and vulnerable people are additionally affected due to isolation.

3. Shared Future

Through shared education and working with invaluable community groups to deliver equality regardless of gender, race or community background.


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