Free parking for Health & Social Care Staff

Last spring, at the height of the first wave of the pandemic, the Department of Health removed hospital car parking fees for health and social car staff as a small recognition of the hard work during the pandemic.

However, these arrangements are currently set to expire at the end of July.

Our health and social care heroes should not have to pay what is is in effect a tax on them merely turning up to work.

There is a clear chance for change. That’s why we’re calling on the Health Minister to make hospital parking free for health and social care staff permanently.

Who's signing

Jane Haste
Winifred Lennon
Sue Coulter
Bill McIntyre
Margaret Boden OBE Mrs
Darren Cooke
Sophie Craig
Fra Crickard
John Cunningham
Joanne Docherty
Denise Crealey
Louie Jesson
Clare McDowell
Neil Bowles
Mary Mackin
Elisabeth Lillie
Caroline Ritchie
Louise Shaw
Philippa McDonald
Tori McCartney
Jolene Knox
Donald Knox
Angela Welch
Alexis Scott
Alan Gibson
Neil McCartan
Valerie Bray
Seamus Shields
Deirdre Shakespeare
Dermot McNamara
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