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Building development in Belfast will eventually stop unless water strategy funded, says Armstrong

Alliance Infrastructure spokesperson Kellie Armstrong MLA has said unless the new NI Water strategy is funded, new connections or building development in Belfast will eventually stop.

Ms Armstrong was speaking after attending the launch of the 25-year strategy from NI Water. She said things were close to crisis point.

“For a number of years, Alliance has supported sustainable funding for our water system in Northern Ireland. Without appropriate investment, NI Water will have to stop new connections or additional discharge into our waste water system. This will have a devastating impact on development and growth plans for Belfast and the surrounding areas.

“I have been raising the need for investment in the Living with Water programme. It’s not too late to prevent the impact lack of investment has created. We need to get an Assembly back and to ensure the Executive prioritises investment in key infrastructure systems underpinning safe provision of water and sewage.

“Alliance is the only party that has recognised the funding model for NI Water is flawed. In order to enable NI Water to provide sewage and water services, we must enable them to use the money they receive to release investment.”