Bradshaw welcomes hospital announcement and says service transformation now appears to be happening at pace

The hospital services transformation process now appears to be happening at pace, Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said, after it was announced Daisy Hill Hospital in Newry would become an elective overnight stay centre.

Health Paula Bradshaw Daisy Hill hospital

The South Belfast MLA said it was a welcome move but the blueprint for the wider plan of the health estate reconfiguration should have been published in its entirety.

“I welcome this announcement, which will complement the emerging overnight centre at the Mater Hospital in Belfast,” she said.

“I am pleased to see the Department's rapid response to the Review of General Surgery, with the transformation of our hospital services now truly appearing to be happening at pace.

“However, I think it would have been more useful for the wider plan for the reconfiguration of our health estate to be published in its entirety. This would allow people to see how their local hospital will play a role in providing healthcare into the future.

“I hope sufficient funding is available to implement the new centre without delay. However, we remain without a Health Committee, Assembly and Executive in order to ensure full scrutiny and transparency of this type of major decision by the Department of Health.”