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Bradshaw calls for increased police presence for Lower Ormeau and Holyland

South Belfast Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw has called for an increased police presence in the Lower Ormeau and Holyland, following the persistence of incidents across these two areas over the last few weeks.

She said: “We know the PSNI increased their presence in the area for the first two weeks following students returning, however, while normal policing levels have resumed in late September, we have seen a continuation of negative behaviour, causing great concern for local residents.

“On Sunday evening, there was a mass brawl on the Ormeau Road and at the bottom of Jerusalem Street a car was burnt out. Then on Monday evening, a teenager was robbed at knifepoint. Add to this the great disruption to family life for so many right through the night as revellers return to their homes from the local bars, including causing damage to cars, fences and gates along the way.

“The level of anti-social behaviour has far exceeded young people having a bit of fun and is now firmly in the realms of criminality, and it is the PSNI has primary responsibility for dealing with this. I have written to the local area commander asking for an increased police presence there.”