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Boris Johnson must resign after Supreme Court decision, says Long

Prime Minister Boris Johnson must resign after the Supreme Court ruled his decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful, Alliance Leader Naomi Long MEP has said.

Mrs Long was speaking after the Supreme Court President Lady Hale said the effects of the proroguing of Parliament on the “fundamentals of our democracy was extreme”.

“This is a momentous, unprecedented and far reaching decision. Parliamentary scrutiny at this crucial time in the Brexit process is vital. It is clear now the Prime Minister and his inner circle acted unlawfully,” said Mrs Long.

“Boris Johnson’s decision to attempt to prorogue Parliament was motivated by his desire to shut down debate on Brexit, attempting to stifle democracy and silence the voices of our elected representatives at a time of severe crisis.

“He has pushed our unwritten constitution to its limits and abused his powers. He has proven himself to be unfit for office and his position is now untenable. He must resign immediately."