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Armstrong disappointed women born in 1950s will not receive pension compensation

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has said she is disappointed after the High Court ruled women born in the 1950s will not be compensated when the pension age was increased to 65.

Around four million women will be affected, after the court said its role in the issue was limited. Ms Armstrong said many impacted felt “aggrieved” by the move.

“Many women born in the 1950s expected to retire at 60 and access their state pension. The Government changed the policy, meaning many women had little or no notice their pension age had been increased to 65,” she said.

“Therefore many women felt aggrieved by the lack of notice and the loss of five years’ worth of pensions. Sadly the High Court confirmed this was a political matter and not one for the courts to decide.

“The Government was right to align pension age so both men and women could access their state pension from the same age. However, it did not provide enough notice or information to those women who are the most impacted by the change. All of us should now note we cannot depend on our state pension starting when we expect it to. The Government changed the age once and could do so again. I can only hope they significantly improve how they consult and inform people impacted.”