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Armstrong calls for clarity on car-charging points installation

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has called on the Department for Infrastructure and local Councils to clarify what plans they have for installing car-charging points in car parks and residential areas.

A number of Welsh Councils were recently given UK and Welsh Government funding for new charging points, due to be installed near residential areas where people have no off-street parking. Ms Armstrong said it was an example which could be followed here in order to help the environment.

“Charging at home isn’t always an option for plug-in owners, and many areas in Northern Ireland don’t have the facilities to charge their electric vehicles in residential areas due to lack of supply in off-street parking.

“All local councils should be planning to meet their climate change goals, which includes netting zero emissions. The UK Government is providing funding to ensure electrical vehicles are affordable and accessible options, and increase their popularity. We cannot be left behind.

“Alliance is committed to positive actions to achieve climate change goals. One of the main ways we can do this is by facilitating the move away from fossil-fuelled transport to vehicles powered by sustainable energy such as wind, solar and tidal generated electricity. We need to provide a supply chain to encourage drivers to make an easy switch to alternatives to diesel and petrol.

“Our transport industry will be transformed over the next 30 years as we move away from fossil fuel. It is vital electric vehicle drivers are confident about the availability of charge points near their homes and along their journeys.

“Greater availability of charge points will also encourage a shift towards greener transport, bringing significant environmental benefits with it. In order to achieve the shift we need committed investment and effective partnership working between Departments and local councils.”