Apology welcome but cannot compensate for the loss of loved ones from infected blood, says Donnelly

Alliance Health spokesperson Danny Donnelly MLA has said that an apology from the UK Government will be welcome, but that nothing can truly compensate for the loss of loved ones from contaminated blood.

Health Danny Donnelly

He was speaking following the publication of the final report of the public inquiry into the infected blood scandal today (20 May).
The inquiry found that over 30,000 people were infected with HIV and Hepatitis C during the 1970s and 1980s. Victims have been campaigning for justice and compensation for decades, and it is considered to be one of the biggest treatment disasters in the history of the NHS.
The East Antrim MLA has said: “Today I pay tribute to the victims of this terrible tragedy, and to their families and loved ones, for their tireless campaign which has brought us through the public inquiry and to this final report.
“Many victims and their families have been waiting over 40 years for answers, and some have sadly not lived to see it. They are entitled to the truth and to justice, and whilst an apology will be welcome, actions speak louder than words. The UK Government must now take steps to reflect on the findings and ensure we never see another scandal on this scale again.
“I particularly welcome the inclusion of Northern Ireland in the UK-wide compensation scheme, as recommended in the previous interim report. This should provide a more equitable entitlement to compensation for victims of this scandal right across every corner of the UK, and I hope the government prioritises this before the end of this parliamentary term.”