Champion a Shared Future

The Alliance Party believes in a united community for Northern Ireland. Not the 'two communities' narrative promoted by most other parties, but a vision of everyone in Northern Ireland coming together for the betterment of society as a whole. We believe in a Northern Ireland where the benefits of living in a peaceful society are shared, not shared out. Where politics is defined by socioeconomic issues, compromise and voluntary cooperation - not the constitutional question or zero-sum brinkmanship. 

We want to break down and remove the barriers that have held us apart for two long: the scourge of paramilitarism, peace walls, segregated facilities and schools. We want to create safe, shared spaces.

We would fundamentally change the governance structures that have held back our politics for far too long, by scrapping mandatory coalition, reforming the petition of concern and ending sectarian designation. 

We want to deal with the legacy of the past whilst always looking forward to a brighter future. We want to ensure all victims receive the support they deserve.

We support common-sense solutions on issues of identity and culture, supporting sensible regulation on flags, parades and other expressions of cultural identity which allows respectful celebration over confrontation. 

We will always champion openness and transparency in our politics, ensuring elected representatives are answerable to you, the people, and the malignant influence of dark money and vested interests are not allowed to corrupt our institutions.