Create a Progressive Society

Alliance is proudly liberal, progressive, and internationalist in its politics. Our elected representatives will always champion a positive, inclusive, and pro-diversity message. We want to build a new Northern Ireland that reflects these values and is open and welcoming to all. 

This means protecting and enhancing rights for all citizens, regardless of race, religion, sex, gender, age or place of origin. Alliance has been vocal in our support for LGBT, migrant and refugee rights and recognises the importance of equality and fair treatment for all.

Alliance was at the forefront of the campaign to remain part of the EU, to have a People's Vote, and continues to recognise the huge benefits of EU membership. When the time is right, we will seek to rejoin the EU. 

We will continue to work with liberal parties in Europe and across the globe to promote and advance liberal, progressive values. 

We will always push for progressive change at home, including free childcare, support for arts and culture, better animal welfare and other legislative changes which can create a modern Northern Ireland which our people are proud to call home, and in which our young people want to stay.