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Extension of fibre broadband network brings huge benefits

Alliance Infrastructure spokesperson Kellie Armstrong MLA has welcomed news that Openreach is extending its Fibre First network to the coastal towns of Newcastle, Portrush and Portstewart.

Kellie Armstrong said: “Since launching its Fibre First programme last year Openreach has invested massively in improving the availability of full fibre broadband across Northern Ireland. It is great news that a number of our coastal towns are now included in the latest programme. I believe this news will be a further boost to our local offering to ensure the return of The Open to Portrush.


“Full fibre broadband brings a wide range of benefits for businesses and homes. In today’s fast moving economy we need to give our businesss every advantage to ensure they can compete on equal terms with competitors who may be on the other side of the world. They need to be able to provide their customers with the most efficient and up to date services.


“For domestic users, more households are using their broadband to stream movies and music, to control heating and lighting as well as their home security systems. Young people who may be studying need fast reliable broadband to help them in research for their chosen subjects.”